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PPT to PDF Converter

best ppt to pdf convertorDo you often need to do some PowerPoint Presentations? Maybe sometimes you want to convert PPT files to PDF documents, but you can't find a suitable tool to help you to convert PowerPoint to PDF files, right? If so, you are in the right place. Here, we highly recommend Ailt PPT to PDF Conversion program to help you to transfer PPT to PDF.

This best PPT to PDF Convertor is a smart, integrated PDF creation program that converts PowerPoint to PDF file in one mouse click. The software goes beyond what its name suggests as PPT to PDF. It can enable users to quickly save their PPT data onto protective PDF files. What's more, it supports multiple PowerPoint documents conversion (Batch Processing).

Tips: If you want to know how to convert PPT to PDF in details, you can go to - Convert From PPT to PDF. And if you want know how to save EPUB books as PDF files for Kindle, please come to http://www.istonsoft.com/epub-to-pdf-converter.html for help.



PPT to PDF Converter Main Functions

Input Variety & High Compatibility
Preserves the original text, table, layout etc in the generated PDF documents. Create PDF file with three modes (Default mode, Image mode,Plain text mode) from any document.

Flexible Settings & Easy to Navigate
The PPT to PDF Converter supply a series of custom settings, including output resolution, page compression, color modes, font embedding and several misc functions. Furthermore, it is designed with a simple yet practical interface to guides users best in creating a professional PDF file.

Excellent Output & Smaller PDF Sizebest ppt to pdf converter
The PPT to PDF Conversion allow users to reproduce the original look of Office documents in PDF. Retain razor-sharp images from your PowerPoint presentation into the output PDF file. What's more, it support page compression of the converted PDF file for a much smaller size. Save the space on your disc and make it more accessible via Web.

PDF Security
The PPT to PDF Convertor supports users to set PDF password for protection by user password and owner password and supports to set PDF document security like permit to print, permit to copy, permit to fill out form, content modification etc.

Auto-open after Conversion
Allow the PDF file out of PowerPoint document to open automatically once processed. Save your time and effort to find it at the specified folder on a hard drive.

PPT to PDF Converter System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: PentiumⅢ(500Hz) or above
  • RAM: 256M or more
  • Disk Space: 2GB Free Space or more

What can you benefit from the conversion of PPT to PDF?

  • Data Protection: By creating locked PDF from MS Office, it enhances confidentiality and privacy of your documents.
  • Email-Friendly: This PPT to PDF Converter can compress a MS Office document to a smaller PDF file that is more likely to be accepted by Email systems.

With an intuitive interface and powerful settings, the advanced PPT to PDF converter offers an easy access for both novice users and professionals to produce PDF files from Windows documents, and thus makes it flexible to save, print and email their contents. Now just buy this powerful PPT to PDF Converter and try to experience the amazing feelings to convert PPT to PDF files!