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How to Split PDF Files?

In this modern and civilized society, people pay much more attention on the environmental protection, so, more and more people involve in the paperless work and prefer to share information with each other by a popular electronic format - PDF. So, unavoidably, we often receive some large size PDF files with many pages, but, there is only several pages useful for us. In this case, we may need to split PDF document, So do you know how to split PDF files?

Here, we highly recommend Wondershare PDF Splitter software for you to split PDF pages. With this PDF Splitter, you can Split a 500-page PDF file into single-page PDF files within 1 minute. The followings is the step-by-step guide, free download the best PDF Splitter software firstly and then follow the below steps to start splitting PDF files immediately!

free download for splitting pdf files( OS Supported: Windows XP/Vista, Win 7)

Guide: How to Split PDF Files?

Step 1. Launch PDF Splitter and Select PDF File to Split
Free download and run the professional PDF Splitter, and then you can click "Browse" button to choose the PDF file to split.

Step 2. Select Split Method
Select the split method in the Select Split Method section. Here are 5 split methods you can choose: Split by every n pages, Split by bookmarks, split by specific page ranges to a PDF file, Split by specific page ranges to multiple PDF files, split averagely to n PDF files.

split pdf document

Tips: If you choose Split by specific page ranges to multiple PDF files, you need to click "Setting" button to customize in the pop-up window:
* Click "New" button to add copies (up to 200 copies each time) of the imported multi-page PDF file to the panel and customize the page ranges in the Range column for each copy separately.
* After that, press "OK" button to back to the main panel, and then you can customize the output folder at the bottom of the panel.

settings for splitting pdf files

Step 3. Split PDF file
Click the "Split" button and wait for a little while, you can get the output new files in the output folder.

What are you waiting for? Now, it is your turn to split PDF files, free download the best PDF Splitter software and try to split PDF files by yourself at once!

free download to split pdf files( OS Supported: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 32bit)

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